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std::reverse_iterator in Sun C++


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Old Unix and Linux 08-14-2009   -   Original Discussion by shingpui
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std::reverse_iterator in Sun C++


I'm having trouble compling the following code in Sun C++ (under sun studio 10). I found that it is issue with libCstd library. It can be resolved if i used stdport lib. However, i have no choice but to use libCstd. Does anyone know what can be done to resolve the issue? Linux


Here is the code:

template< class _Ty >
class VectorMe
typedef _Ty* _pTy;
typedef std::vector< _pTy > Vector;
typedeftypename Vector::iterator iterator;

typedef std::reverse_iterator<iterator> reverse_iterator; //problem with this line when complied under Solaris

//main body

Here is the error message:

Too few arguments for template std::reverse_iterator<std::vector<_Ty*>::iterator>

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