how to obtain a persistent oracle connection in proc*c pthread

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Old 08-10-2009
how to obtain a persistent oracle connection in proc*c pthread

Hi all,
I have problem to set up a persistent oracle connection in child thread.
We have a massive batch process dealing with large data. Application was written and impossible to be rewritten. I am trying to extract the most time consuming data fetching and put it into a dedicated child thread.
So main thread will only process(including quick fetch from DB) and child can constantly fetch. Data will be flushed from child to main by global variables.
However I can't see any way to obtain a dedicated DB connection in pthread child.
I got core when main and child both try to access DB.
I tried using context, allocate different context to main and child, but not working, still same core. Smilie
If I stop main accessing DB, then child is fetching continuously.

Can some one help me out or give some code I can refer to?

Thanks in advance!
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Old 08-10-2009
One easy way - Use IPC - create separate processes. Oracle uses coprocesses in Pro*C. That means your child thread and the main program are actually trying to get the coprocess to run fetches at the same time.

Map a big chunk of shared memory. Start your fetcher as one process, start main as another.
Have main feed fetch requests to the fetcher process , fetcher returns the data. All via shared memory.

Also consider running your old main code as a group of processes. Suppose you are processing items 1000 - 9000.
Start old main with parms 1000-1999, run it in the background. Start old main in the background again with parms 2000-2999, and so on. Call wait for all the processes to complete. This is 'sort of' threading.
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Old 08-10-2009
Thanks for prompt reply, we can't use the second option due to many existing facilities in this batch will require the batch to be finished in 1 process.
I am very interested in using IPC, where can I see any sample code of IPC? Do you mean fork?
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Old 12-03-2009
Thanks Jim, the implementation was very successful, I did it by separate the fetcher out as a new process that you mentioned as the first option.
Fetcher always fetches before main needs, then main flush fetched data from IPC.
Performance is improved by 40%.
Appreciate your help!
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