Problems with template instantiation in C++

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Old 09-15-2009
I'm sorry that I'm answering only now, have been on vacation.

and instantiated in line 253.
What are you trying to do in line 253? Call the function? It looks like a wrongly declared function, e.g.
template istream

doesn't make any sense.
The same thing applies to the code from line 276 onwards.

If you want to instantiate the functions, which simply means calling a templated function with specific data types substituted for the template parameters, you have to pass the actual parameters as you would normally do.

A correct version of intended call starting in line 276 would look like this:
// Only because istream is a typedef of an instantiation
// of the basic_istream template, the following function
// call is correct.
/* typedef basic_istream<char, char_traits<char> > istream; */

istream& refToIstream = control
    // This part (the explicit template arguments
    // specification) is superfluous, because
    // the data types can be derived from the
    // actual parameters.
    <char, char_traits<char>,                     
    <char, char_traits<char>> >
// This parameters are actual parameters.
// So you must not specify their types.

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Old 09-16-2009
Dear Gunther,

your hint was a great help for me to find a entry point to solve the problem.

The main problem was, that the template use_facet<..> returns a const
reference to a facet. The first error was, that I invoked a non const member
to this class. The second mistake was, that I use the assign operator for references, that doesn't work.

Thanks Martin.
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Old 09-16-2009
I'm glad, if I could help.

May I ask in which kind of application this code is used?
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Old 09-17-2009
I'm glad, if I could help.

May I ask in which kind of application this code is used?
Dear Gunther,

I want to write an application, what can process any EDIFACT message. This message type is segmented. At any token, that appears in the stream,
a arbitrarly action should take place.

But in my time frame, I will need some month too, to get running the application.

Greeting Martin.
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