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how to discard instruction from previous signal

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Old 08-09-2009
Thank you matrixmadhan,

You're right. There would be potential bugs with the asynchronous signal approach. I'm thinking and trying shared memory for the problem.

Thank you all.

Best regards

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SYSV_SIGNAL(3)						     Linux Programmer's Manual						    SYSV_SIGNAL(3)

sysv_signal - signal handling with System V semantics SYNOPSIS
#define _GNU_SOURCE /* See feature_test_macros(7) */ #include <signal.h> typedef void (*sighandler_t)(int); sighandler_t sysv_signal(int signum, sighandler_t handler); DESCRIPTION
The sysv_signal() function takes the same arguments, and performs the same task, as signal(2). However sysv_signal() provides the System V unreliable signal semantics, that is: a) the disposition of the signal is reset to the default when the handler is invoked; b) delivery of further instances of the signal is not blocked while the signal handler is executing; and c) if the handler interrupts (certain) blocking system calls, then the system call is not automatically restarted. RETURN VALUE
The sysv_signal() function returns the previous value of the signal handler, or SIG_ERR on error. ERRORS
As for signal(2). CONFORMING TO
This function is nonstandard. NOTES
Use of sysv_signal() should be avoided; use sigaction(2) instead. On older Linux systems, sysv_signal() and signal(2) were equivalent. But on newer systems, signal(2) provides reliable signal semantics; see signal(2) for details. The use of sighandler_t is a GNU extension; this type is only defined if the _GNU_SOURCE feature test macro is defined. SEE ALSO
sigaction(2), signal(2), bsd_signal(3), signal(7) COLOPHON
This page is part of release 3.44 of the Linux man-pages project. A description of the project, and information about reporting bugs, can be found at 2007-05-04 SYSV_SIGNAL(3)

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