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Old 06-27-2001
Question Epoch problem

I would like to know if the "Epoch" problem (on September 9, 2001) i.e. when the Unix clock counter will hit 100000000 will create a problem for programs that are dependent on system and server times.

I am presently part of a team that is working on Oracle database on SUN SOLARIS based servers.

There are lots of programs (written in Pro* C) that are dependent on system time. Any such problems on September 9, 2001 will be disastrous for us. I would like to know more about it. Thanks in advance--Vijay
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Old 06-27-2001

What is the data structure for the UNIX time offset variables. If you do a man on time, you will see that time.h is the include file where these data structures are defined. (some are long ints, some are ints).

You can do a little homework on the data structure, post the results, if you don't mind? Thanks. The approach is to take the lenght of the integers and simply calculate what happens as the variables are converted between time subfunctions. You should be able to do this (with system call source code) quite easily.
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Old 06-28-2001

Thanks for the help. I will post the results ASAP--Vijay
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