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Old 06-26-2001
Include files

I am new to the unix networking.
I have written one client and server for UDP sockets..
I got the following errors while conpilation
I have include all include files.
Could some one help there any other file to be included.....?
will the include files change on different unix machines?
I use sequent.

error while compilation

undefined symbol first reference in file

_bsd_accept client.o
_bsd_bind client.o

I have included
#include ipc_config.h>
#include string.h>
#include stdlib.h>
#include sys/types.h>
#include sys/socket.h>
#include netinet/in.h>
#include arpa/inet.h>


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Old 06-27-2001
The symbols in your post are not normally found in include files because they are object code. These are found in library files, not include files. Include files are normally text files that include macro definitions, data structure defs, variable defs, etc. (text based) that is included before compile time.<P>
Object code has been compiled for the specific architecture you are working in and those objects need to be linked using a linker, normally done after the main code base is compiled. To find the object code, you need to know the library archives that contains the object code. There are many ways to do the detective work to find these objects. One way is to simply run a command like 'strings' against the library files and grep for the objects you seek. There are many other ways to search for lost objects Smilie
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Old 06-27-2001
compiler options?

is it exactly the code u compiled and ran??
check out the angled braces
if u have not compiled with -lsocket option, there vud be a linking problem..
check that out...
if nothing works, get back.
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Old 06-27-2001

I managed to compile it with options -lsocket -lnsl

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