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Old 09-06-2002
Let's be kinder and gentler with these posters...

yea, heaven forbid that any of us should actually meet each other and have a real conversation.

Also, I would like to see that my post helped someone out. I rarely see responses, but am grateful to those who do respond with gratitiude.

I must admit that I have cut back on telling folks not to post Homework questions or the "how do i fix it now questions".

I try to lead them down a path to the answer rather than giving them the cold "these are the site rules" answer. Even though I agree with Neo that no homework should ever be posted here.

If I help that person out now with a nibble and not the whole carrot, they may come back and contribute later on.

Just my 2k on these issues that irk us.
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Old 09-10-2002
I think that lots of people ask homework related problems and we don't know it is homework..... so, we are fooling ourselves if we think that no one is getting help related to homework here. Some people are just a bit more clever at it.

This is a difficult issue and there a no easy answers..... so for now, let's just keep the no-homework rule.... and perhaps someday a college professor teaching UNIX will read these posts and give us their opinion ! Perhaps they will help moderate and set or change the rules ...... until then Smilie

I do agree that we should not be too heavy handed with students and to help guide them to success so they will enjoy the UNIX environment. Sometimes busy moderators, including myself, simply enforce the rules without taking the time to be a bit more gentle and encouraging.

To be honest, I don't claim to have the right or only answer with regard to the homework issue. My gut feeling is that simply posting homework to the board, getting answers and doing it again is not in the best interest of the student or the teacher.
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