Difficulty in Posting URLs in my threads

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Old 07-11-2002
Difficulty in Posting URLs in my threads


I have a problem in pasting a url in the thread. I tried many a times and i keep failing.

Can u tell me what's wrong?

I go by the instructions that appear after clicking the http:// but still i fail. The link does not appear properly in the threads that i post.

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Old 07-11-2002
No any problem on my site. {http://} button on the VB code and try again. If you still have the same problem the best way is by mannual. simply type [url] bla . bla .net [\url] ( for the last bracket [\url] use '/ instead of '\' ). Do try this way.
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Old 07-11-2002
I have never used that button until just now. When I did I got this:
First with the coding rendered visable: [URL=https://www.unix.com]this site[/URL]
And for real: this site

When I do it manually I use this:
First with the coding rendered visable: [url="https://www.unix.com"]this site[/url]
And for real: this site

I thought that I started to use the quotes because I read it on the help page but I don't find it there now. Oh well. But anyway, perhaps the quotes are necessary for some complex url's. If you are still having trouble, post a follow-up with your best try. Maybe we can see what went wrong.
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Old 07-12-2002
Thank you both of you. Will surely try and get back to you in case of any further problems..

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