Hacking in the forums

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Old 05-15-2002
Hacking in the forums

I know that it's wrong, but it wasn't in the ULA when i read it.
so, what are the restrictions on hack talk?
i mean White-Hat hack talk, not the malicious kind.
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Old 05-15-2002
Discuss engineering and coding details; not low level, hacking. Most 'white hat hacking' is just low level kiddie scripts and scanners run by novices.

The bottom line... hacking posts deleted. This is not a hacker forum. No Exceptions.
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Old 05-16-2002
To Boris888:

I personally have been reading Bugtraq Incidents, MS-Focus, and other security mailing lists for quite some time now, and I disagree with you.
Boris888: the detection of vulnerabilities on a given network to inform the sysadmins of their weakness
If you ever somehow got onto any network I'm responsible for, I'd hunt you down and punch you in the mouth. If you intrude, you're an intruder, no matter how big a favor you think you're doing me. And that is consiodered black or at least grey in my book. White would not intrude. Nor would I call that a "hack", as I would consider it a crack (unless of course you discovered, fixed, and wrote PoC for it, in which case you notify the developer before continuing).

This is also not the place for a flame-war about the merits of white / black / grey hats.

I take the network security section of the forum as a place to discuss keeping your systems secure. Not "how to hax0r"...
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Old 05-16-2002

I don't have any definition wrong and have been in this business before there were hackers and the Internet. This subject is not open for debate.

Also, posting email address in the forums is against the rules. As an admin looking in; it would appear that you register and come to the boards, breaking rules and demand the boards adapt to your wishes.

My friendly suggestion is to go to another board if you are looking for other discussions.


Thanks for the post. You are exactly right and I appreciate your professional attitude and excellent work.
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