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# 1 is slow today ???

Hi, Just wanting to know if there is any issues today with the site. Initially I thought it is my internet connection or computer but regardless which one I use, the site has been slow and it is also not showing with the right fonts etc. I've been trying for the last 12+ hours and it's always been the same. Anyway, I'll try again later on or tomorrow.
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I've been loitering on the site for most of the day and haven't seen any performance issues. There was certainly no planned or ongoing activities from our side.

It's possible there was some attempted DoS-type attack on the server while you were on the site, but it has, as far as I can tell, been all right today.
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Working great from here all day as well.

Please check your local overseas network connection route if your are international coming to our server in the US.
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How is the site running from Europe? The USA?

I'm seeing performance issues from Asia, but I suspect it is a problem with the network here, and not our site?
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It's not too fast, in fact slower than usual, and it has been worse before, but it never is lightning fast...
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Yeah, I cannot yet tell if the problem is related to our CDN or slowness in the network.
# 7  
OK.. here is an update on site performance:

Our content delivery network (CDN) seems to be having problems delivering content.

For example. this is a link to some of our JS code on the CDN:

I have had trouble getting the CDN code above to work.

But when I go directly to that code bypassing the CDN, it works fine.

So, I have disabled most (I'm sure not all... ) of the CDN code, updated the templates and flushed the memcache...

So, as the cache rebuilds, lets see if we see any improvement in site performance.

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