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Old 09-20-2002
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How can I search for posts on 'VI' if by the new rules (or maybe they are old) I get the messge:

"The search term you specified (vi) is under the minimum word length (3) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer.
If this term contains a wildcard, please make this term more specific.

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Old 09-20-2002

search for editors....
and u get lot whole vi's...
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Old 09-20-2002
What do you want to know about vi? You can place multiple words in the search, and get just the answers you want.
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Old 09-20-2002
The software accepts words longer than 2 characters - doing a search for edit vi grep will still give the error. Even if you quote "vi" you get the error. That is what the person is complaining about.

Here we actually have someone who is willing to search first, and can't!

I think this is something Neo would have to make a call on - 3 letters is probably the default but UNIX has commands with only two letters (cd, vi , ed, ar, at, mt, lp, bc, dd, du, ln ...) which folks may be adding to their search.

Last edited by RTM; 09-20-2002 at 06:37 PM..
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Old 09-20-2002
The default is 4 letters but we changed it to 3 about a year ago. I think 2 is a bit small and these searches will really hurt performance.

However, let's try it........ I'll change it right now and see what happens Smilie

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Old 09-20-2002
OK, I changed it to 2 letters and the searches did not work and no results were returned. So, I changed it back to three.

Guess two letter searches just kill the database....
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Old 09-21-2002
I could understand two-letter searches killing the database if every word containing the letters "vi" were returned; however, since you're only looking for the exact match of "vi" (and nothing containing vi, such as visual, vis, etc) I don't understand why that would hurt performance any more than looking for words that are three letters or more in length...

but I guess if you tried it and it don't work then it just don't work. oh well Smilie
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