Content of posts aren't visible - only subject

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Old 12-25-2013
Content of posts aren't visible - only subject

Let's see if this works here.

(Except I can't post a URL ...)

I posted the thread above and you can't see content, only the subject title.

Moderator Don Cragun replied to the post in Shell scripting and programming.

Last edited by Dalej; 12-25-2013 at 11:00 AM..
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Old 12-26-2013
We have another recent post: commands call script work command line but not cron entry where the submitter's posting seems to be coming up empty except for the thread title.

The URL to the thread Dalej mentioned above is: File and directory testing


The links above seem to be well formed, but are not being interpreted correctly. When I try to click on them, the address showing in my browser window (using Safari on OS X) has "!<threadID>!" before the URL given in the link???

Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Neo - This is a bug in DBSEO ... the developers of DBSEO are working on fixing this.

Last edited by Don Cragun; 12-26-2013 at 05:12 PM.. Reason: Links broken???
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Old 12-28-2013
Testing links

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