UNIX.com is mail-blacklisted

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Old 09-25-2013
UNIX.com is mail-blacklisted


I just registered to this forums using an e-mail address where the activation mail never was received. Thanks to Scott who activated my account by hand.

So I looked up unix.com in blacklists on mxtoolbox.com (I'm not yet allowed to post URLs...) and found that the site is blacklisted in three out of 89 blacklists. I guess if there is a way to unlist the site to get those difficulties with registration out of the way (and according to the posts in "Forum Support Area for Unregistered Users & Account Problems" I'm not the only one), then it must be done by an administrator of unix.com explaining to the blacklist-owner, why it should be unlisted. I read that you took some afford in keeping spammers away, maybe the blacklisting is from times when this wasn't yet working so good?

I'd be really looking forward to get unix.com unlisted from the blacklists, so that I can receive notifications Smilie If I can help with it, please let me know, I will watch this thread for replys manually.
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Old 09-25-2013
Oh.. it's OK... LOL 3 out of 89 blacklists is not so bad.... we can't control every blacklist site on the web.... and you don't need to be a forum "admin" to contact a "blacklist" and ask them to remove the site from the list....

So.. go for it and report back.. thanks for the help!
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Old 09-25-2013
Wow, that was fast! I didn't expect that.

I'll try my best and will report here.

I now took a closer look on the blacklists and how to remove from them:
  • on dnsbl.inps.de you can remove by just entering the IP... maybe there's a second page in the form...
  • on barracudacentral.org you need to fill in a removal request with "your email server's IP address, your email address, phone number and an optional reason for removal"
  • on spamrats.com unix.com is listed as having no reverse DNS entry for the e-mail server, so a removal request makes no sense as long as there is no such entry.
So, firstly I suggest you should check, if you have a reverse DNS entry. After that, I'd request the removals. What could be a good reason for barracudacentral.org?

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Old 09-29-2013
If I had written in a new post, then I wouln't ask myself the whole time if you noticed that I edited my post... Did you?
Please give me some feedback in any situation (need more time/have no access/no time to spend on it), so that I know what's up.
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