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Suggestion: adding two new groups "sed" and "awk"

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Old Unix and Linux 09-26-2012   -   Original Discussion by jville
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Suggestion: adding two new groups "sed" and "awk"

Majority of the questions are pertaining file/string parsing w.r.t




It would be nice to have these two as their own sub category under shell-programming-scripting which can avoid lot of duplicate posts.
Old Unix and Linux 09-27-2012   -   Original Discussion by jville
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It seems to me that newbies frequently say "shell" because they don't know that awk or sed is the logical way to attack their problem. We also seem to get posts asking for an awk or sed script when some other common utility provides a better way to solve their problem. I won't complain about adding awk and sed fora, but I'm not convinced that doing so will make it any easier to find related posts in other threads.

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