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Old 07-27-2001
Suggestion for

I am relatively new here ...but I had a suggestion. The first time I visited this site I tried to go to and it did not go anywhere I then said ok let try I think that it would be a good pratice to change the zone file file so that when you go to it comes here as well. Right now the file propably looks like this
www IN A

What I propose would look like this

Just a suggestion so that when new people type they find the site. JUst a friendly suggestion Smilie

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Old 07-30-2001
Done. works.

Thanks for the suggestion.
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Old 07-30-2001
Thats great I think it might help people find this site easier. When I first typed in I though how could it be that such a great domain does nto have a website. I am glad that you took the suggestion and that you so quickly acted on the suggestion

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Old 09-07-2006
Question Suggestion for

I'm brand-new here, so all of this stuff is way over my head, and I noticed that #14 on the list of Simple Rules Of The Unix Forums prohibited smoking, but this seemed to beg the question of whether or not drinking was allowed or not...among other things...
Is it?
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Old 09-09-2006
Originally Posted by Neo
Done. works.

Thanks for the suggestion.
am surprised ....

i had never used this portal as
and only as

but Neo, your word DONE surprises me !!! Smilie Smilie Smilie
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Old 09-30-2006
HI All,

Just first Vist That is why I just want to see all response..........
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