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Old 07-24-2001
Posting in teh incorrect Forum

As i am going through the board today i noticed alot of questions out of place. and quite a few of them were rather redundent to stuff that has already been coverd. I know that talking about stuff that has already been coverd will always happen BUT comeone people. Dosent anyone read the FAQ anymore?

examples of misplaced posts:

Ipnetworking: (bind setup looks more like web servering question) (logging off ghost users shoud be in either the begginer or advanced users forum)

Cprograming: (How can I execute a UNIX script from Windows?) should be in the newbi forum actually a search should have been done
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Old 07-24-2001
There will always be folks that post in areas that 'might not be the best place to post'. Some posters may be not native speakers and we try to be kind to all people, regardless of English ability or newbie status.

I try to move the threads when I see them, but can't catch all of them Smilie

Let's try building the FAQ section and see how this works for a while. I'm not a big fan of too many dramatic changes at one time. Baby steps....... for the community as a whole.

Thanks so much for your concern, interest, great posts and help!!!!

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