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system() in carbon & FTP

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) system() in carbon & FTP
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Old 08-19-2009
Error system() in carbon & FTP

Hey, I'm trying to establish a connection to FTP in carbon using the system() function, but I'm not sure how to supply my FTP password in the same command.

For example, I have:


It then obviously prompts for the password, so I tried this (below) but it doesn't work either.
system("ftp; mypassword");

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Authen::Simple::FTP(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				  Authen::Simple::FTP(3pm)

Authen::Simple::FTP - Simple FTP authentication SYNOPSIS
use Authen::Simple::FTP; my $ftp = Authen::Simple::FTP->new( host => '' ); if ( $ftp->authenticate( $username, $password ) ) { # successfull authentication } # or as a mod_perl Authen handler PerlModule Authen::Simple::Apache PerlModule Authen::Simple::FTP PerlSetVar AuthenSimpleFTP_host "" <Location /protected> PerlAuthenHandler Authen::Simple::FTP AuthType Basic AuthName "Protected Area" Require valid-user </Location> DESCRIPTION
Authenticate against a FTP service. METHODS
* new This method takes a hash of parameters. The following options are valid: * host Connection host, can be a hostname or IP number. Defaults to "localhost". host => '' host => '' * port Connection port, default to 21. port => 21 * timeout Connection timeout, defaults to 60. timeout => 60 * log Any object that supports "debug", "info", "error" and "warn". log => Log::Log4perl->get_logger('Authen::Simple::FTP') * authenticate( $username, $password ) Returns true on success and false on failure. SEE ALSO
Authen::Simple. Net::FTP. AUTHOR
Christian Hansen "" COPYRIGHT
This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.8.8 2008-03-01 Authen::Simple::FTP(3pm)

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