Problem using a top command alias in my profile

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Problem using a top command alias in my profile
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Old 08-13-2009
Problem using a top command alias in my profile


I am newish to the mac osx unix interface. I want to set up top so that it always displays the username. I can use this command to do this:

top -ocpu -P ' PID COMMAND %CPU TIME #TH #PRTS #MREGS RPRVT RSHRD RSIZE VSIZE USER' -p '$aaaa ^bbbbbbbbb $cccc $wwwwwww $ee $ffff-$ggggg $hhhh- $iiii- $jjjj- $llll- $nnnnnnnn'

This works great! The username displays last each time.

BUT, since I always want top to act this way, I put this into my etc/profile file as an alias, just the same way:

alias top="top -ocpu -P ' PID COMMAND %CPU TIME #TH #PRTS #MREGS RPRVT RSHRD RSIZE VSIZE USER' -p '$aaaa ^bbbbbbbbb $cccc $wwwwwww $ee $ffff-$ggggg $hhhh- $iiii- $jjjj- $llll- $nnnnnnnn'"

This does NOT work. When I do top, I get this on each PID line:

top % - - - - -

???what am I doing wrong???

This is a mac running osx 10.5 server.


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Old 08-14-2009
what does these variable mean??
$cccc $wwwwwww $ee $ffff-$ggggg $hhhh- $iiii- $jjjj- $llll- $nnnnnnnn
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