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Old 08-01-2002
Originally posted by Neo
We do this because we love the UNIX philosophy and the true UNIX community.

This is my gift to you, each and everyone of you.

From the bottom of my heart. - Neo [/B]
ah. a poet Smilie
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Old 08-04-2002

UNIX.COM has yet to take donations because our attorneys wanted to make sure that the donations for legal expenses were not perceived as 'commerical'.

Perhaps now that the WIPO proceeding is concluded, we will discuss this matter with the UNIX.COM attorneys and make sure that donations for legal expenses are done in the proper, legal manner.

Thanks for the reminder.
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Old 08-05-2002

I wanted to thank you and others who have generously offered to donate money to help us in our many UNIX.COM legal fees. We have never received any money with regard to UNIX.COM and have decided that it is best to continue with the UNIX.COM policy of not accepting cash donations. I greatly appreciate your offer, thanks!

The best way to contribute to UNIX.COM is to continue your excellent posts and discussions with regard to generic unix operating environments and all flavors, evolutions and generations of unix-like operating systems. Your patient guidance to new users, newbies, novices is a much appreciated contribution and adds considerable value to the entire world UNIX community. Your support is a contribution that money cannot buy.

Yes, operating this forum generates no revenue and costs many thousands of dollars in legal fees, not to mention the operation, admin and maintaince. On the other hand, isn't it great to have a place where the unix community can come and share ideas without banner ads, annoying pop-ups, and without pages of distracting chatter? Also, isn't it good to have a home on the net where we can get away from those 'my solution or favorite product is better that yours'?

Plus, think of all the government and military employees all over the world with an important technical issue and no funding to pay for technical support. They can come to UNIX.COM, search the database, or ask questions and get help from experts at no cost, with no banner or pop-up ads. I've even heard that folks in the military come and ask valuable questions that helps them when they are deployed in hostile environments far from the US.

I've always loved the spirit of unix and open systems. I love it when we can help people from every possible organization and business all over the world, in an open, non commerical way, just like the old days of the Internet. Remember the days before when our daily email was greater than 95% spam? Remember when web sites had lots of information and no commericals?

Perhaps you may think I'm a bit technical-romantic, but if www.unix.com is the only non-commercial, open technical forum left in the year 2025, with ten million registered users and no spam, that is GOOD!

Again, thank you for your kind offer to donate to our legal fees.
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