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Old 07-19-2002
review is actually a noun!?!?!?!???

I have recently had an English writing class and I can tell you that in the context of www.unixreview.com, the word "review" to 99% of us is a verb. We see that as a rehash, conversation, or review(verb) of the unix topic.

However, The word review is seen first as an event not an action as we are used to. They appear to be using it as an event as a "Music review", in the vaudeville frame of reference, is an event or "Military review" is an event. Also, as in an Book review by a critic.

According to www.merriamwebster.com, the word review is listed first as a noun. They reference the word as "judicial review" where judicial is the adj and review is a noun as an event.

Although I dont agree with this "view", pun intended, it does appear to meet the requirements, much to www.unixreview.com's relief I am sure.

Sorry for the english lesson, but I thought it was pertinent to the issue.

So any of the suggestions that we have made, could meet the requirements.


So there may be only one eventual course of action for Neo, and that would be to rename this site. Eventhough we think that he has a right to the name. It may be a moot point if the big boys win this thing.

Perish the thought!!


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Old 07-29-2002
FYI, you can always find the URL for this site at the URL:


However, based on the WIPO regulations, I hope we will win the domain dispute and X/Open will not be successful in reverse-hijacking this domain. This is a noncommerical site and was registered in good faith in 1993. If we loose, I will consider an appeal and spend another small fortune in legal fees Smilie

No matter what happens, this is the most professional, commerical free, classy UNIX site in the world. I appreciate very much all the class and outstanding support. (that I know of!) Regardless of what happens, let's keep it classy and professional. Thanks!
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Old 07-29-2002
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Old 07-30-2002
I just want to ask a stupid question. In reading

"ADMINISTRATIVE PANEL DECISION X/Open Company Limited v. unix.net Case No. D2002-0296" it says;

Complainant is the owner of the trademark UNIX world-wide ("UNIX Marks"). X-Open used to be the exclusive licensee of the UNIX marks. Under the terms of the license agreement X/Open had the option to have the UNIX marks assigned to it. X/Open exercised its right and is now the registered owner of the UNIX Marks.
Does this mean that the x-open group own "UNIX Marks" as a trade mark?

I am a bit counfused, it almost reads like they own the word "UNIX";

The Complainant is the owner of registrations or pending applications for UNIX in relation to computer programs, computer related goods and computer related services in over seventy-five countries throughout the world (Annex 3, pages 22 to 34). Copies of signed License Agreements between X/Open and a number of licensees are attached marked as Annex 4. Among the licensees of X/Open are most of the leading computer companies of the world including Unisys Corporation, Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Novell Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, AT & T Global Information Solutions, Bull S.A., International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), Digital Equipment Corporation, The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc., Hitachi Limited, Silicon Graphics, Inc., Stratus Computer, Inc., Dansk Data Elektronik A/S, Fujitsu Limited, NEC Corporation and NCR Corporation. X/Open, its predecessors in business, and licensees have made extensive use of the trademark UNIX throughout the world in respect of computer operating systems, computer related goods and computer related services. The extent of use of the mark UNIX is so extensive that most major companies in the computer field are an approved user of the trademark UNIX.
surly this would be like me trademarking the word "Cola" (not a bad Idea!)
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