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Nortel exams

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Old 02-21-2008
Nortel exams

Hey everyone . iam taking some nortel exams in coming few weeks . around 4 of them and came which is offering $85 all exams package . can anyone tell me how good are their exam materials in reference to real exams ? . i dont want to miss this package if they are good as iam going to sit for ccnp after nortel exams . so all comments are welcome . plz let me know asap

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utrace_prepare_examine - prepare to examine thread state SYNOPSIS
int utrace_prepare_examine(struct task_struct * target, struct utrace_engine * engine, struct utrace_examiner * exam); ARGUMENTS
target thread of interest, a struct task_struct pointer engine engine pointer returned by utrace_attach_task exam temporary state, a struct utrace_examiner pointer DESCRIPTION
This call prepares to safely examine the thread target using struct user_regset calls, or direct access to thread-synchronous fields. When target is current, this call is superfluous. When target is another thread, it must held stopped via UTRACE_STOP by engine. This call may block the caller until target stays stopped, so it must be called only after the caller is sure target is about to unschedule. This means a zero return from a utrace_control call on engine giving UTRACE_STOP, or a report_quiesce or report_signal callback to engine that used UTRACE_STOP in its return value. Returns -ESRCH if target is dead or -EINVAL if UTRACE_STOP was not used. If target has started running again despite UTRACE_STOP (for SIGKILL or a spurious wakeup), this call returns -EAGAIN. When this call returns zero, it's safe to use struct user_regset calls and task_user_regset_view on target and to examine some of its fields directly. When the examination is complete, a utrace_finish_examine call must follow to check whether it was completed safely. Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. July 2010 UTRACE_PREPARE_EXAMI(9)

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