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wvWare(1)						      General Commands Manual							 wvWare(1)

wvWare - convert msword documents
wvWare [-c charset] [--charset charset] [-p password] [--password password] [-x config.xml] [--config config.xml] [-d dir] [--dir dir] filename
wvWare converts word documents into other formats such as PS,PDF,HTML,LaTeX,DVI,ABW OPTIONS -c charset, --charset charset word 97 documents are stored in one of two formats, either in 8 bit windows codepages or in 16 bit unicode. The unicode can be con- verted easily into utf-8, and the codepages are promoted to unicode and converted from there, except for the western european code- page which is always converted to iso-5589-15 if possible. This is the default behaviour. While it is possible to convert into other formats or to force a conversion to a particular format, it is not recomended as you don't get a guarantee that the output will be correct. For instance, if you convert an english document into koi8-r encoding then it will be wrong, but if you are sure then you can override the default output format. The charsets that are available depend on your system: systems using the gnu libc 2 and above can convert to just about anything; systems that at, wv configure time, prove to be inadequate for charset conversion use wv's internal conversion formats which are a small subset of the possible conversions, namely: utf-8 iso-5589-15 koi8-r tis-620 -p password, --password password Due to heroic work done by a great team of workers, the wv library can decrypt password protected word 97 and older versions of word documents given the correct password. -d dir, --dir dir If dir is used then any created graphics will be placed in this directory. The default is the directory in which the word document resides. -x config.xml, --config config.xml Use this to give the location of the config file. If not used, the config file is searched for by first checking the current direc- tory, and then by looking in the install location (/usr/local/lib/wv/wvHtml.xml by default)
wvAbw(1), wvHtml(1), wvLatex(1), wvCleanLatex(1), wvPS(1), wvDVI(1), wvPDF(1), wvRTF(1), wvText(1), wvWml(1), wvMime(1), catdoc(1), word2x(1)
Dom Lachowicz (current author and maintainer) Caolan McNamara (original author) WEB: MAIL: wvWare(1)

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