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cs00toatok(1) [sunos man page]

cs00toatok(1)							   User Commands						     cs00toatok(1)

cs00toatok - conversion cs00 user dictionary to ATOK user dictionary SYNOPSIS
cs00toatok [filename...] AVAILABILITY
cs00toatok is a filter that converts cs00 word-list-file to ATOK word-list-file. cs00toatok is used for the purpose of using cs00 user words on ATOK12 as well as on cs00. cs00toatok reads file(s) specified by filename(s). If no filenames are given, cs00toatok reads a file from the standard input. The con- tents of the files must be the format of cs00 word-list-file. cs00toatok writes ATOK word-list-file to the standard output. cs00toatok con- verts each word according to the following rules. Kana reading (Phonetic), Kanji word Does not change any character and the length of Kana reading and Kanji word of each source word. Part-of-speech (Hinshi) Converts Hinshi of source word according to the table shown below. +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Part-of-speech in cs00 Part-of-speech in ATOK | | |:N1 noun1 | 01 common noun | |:N2 noun2 | 01 common noun | |:M1 person's name1 | 02 proper noun | |:M2 person's name2 | 02 proper noun | |:T1 place name1 | 02 proper noun | |:T2 place name2 | 02 proper noun | |:NM numeral | 13 numeral | |:NN supplemental numeral | 12 suffix | |:PR prefix | 11 prefix | |:SF suffix | 12 suffix | |:AD adverb | 29 adverb | |:CN conjunction | 09 conjunction | |:RT participial adjective | 08 participial adjective | |:AJ adjective | 27 adjective | |:AV adjective verb | 28 adjective verb | |:SH S-series irregular conjugation verb | 03 noun form of S-series irregu- | | | lar conjugation verb | |:ZH Z-series irregular conjugation verb | 04 noun form of Z-series irregu- | | | lar conjugation verb | |:1V single conjugation verb | 23 single conjugation verb | |:KV K-series five conjugation verb | 14 K-series five conjugation verb | |:GV G-series five conjugation verb | 15 G-series five conjugation verb | |:SV S-series five conjugation verb | 16 S-series five conjugation verb | |:TV T-series five conjugation verb | 17 T-series five conjugation verb | |:NV N-series five conjugation verb | 18 N-series five conjugation verb | |:BV B-series five conjugation verb | 19 B-series five conjugation verb | |:MV M-series five conjugation verb | 20 M-series five conjugation verb | |:RV R-series five conjugation verb | 21 R-series five conjugation verb | |:WV W-series five conjugation verb | 22 W-series five conjugation verb | |:UN no classification | - - | |:TK single kanji | 07 single kanji | |:BS clause | - - | +-------------------------------------------------------------+------------------------------------------+ Words with the part of speech "no classification" (:UN) or "clause" (:BS) need -a option to be put out. Also, a source word with multiple parts of speech is converted to plural words, each of which has the each part of speech. OPTIONS
-a Put out words whose part of speech are "no classification" or "clause" as words whose parts of speech are unknown, in addition to words put out by default. NOTES
cs00toatok does not change Kana reading and Kanji word of any word. Therefore, note below. o A word may not be registered to ATOK user dictionary with the characters or the length of kana reading and kanji word of the word. o If the edge of a word is `'' (Zenkaku single quote) or `"' (Zenkaku double quote), a new word stripped the edge of characters from the word is registered. o If Kanji word of a word contains `,' (Zenkaku comma), the word cannot be registered to ATOK user dictionary. Use ATOK12 dictionary utility to register a word-list-file to ATOK dictionary. For detail, refer to ATOK12 User's Guide. SEE ALSO
atok12(1), atok8wordlist(4) SunOS 5.10 10 Jan 2003 cs00toatok(1)
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