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SunOS 5.10 - man page for atok12 (sunos section 1)

atok12(1)							   User Commands							 atok12(1)

atok12 - ATOK12 Japanese language input system
ATOK12 provides a method to input Japanese language in a desktop environment. You can change the setup for ATOK12 by running atok12setup(1). When you are logged in to the Japanese desktop again, ATOK12 becomes avail- able and ATOK palette window will open. You can choose any Japanese language input method you like by using environment configuration utility accessable from ATOK palette window. You can also register and use your own Kana-Kanji conversion dictionary by using dictionary utility accessable from ATOK palette window. ATOK12 is available from X Window applications, and client applications that uses IIIMP (Internet-Internet Input Method Protocol), such as Java2 applications with Swing interface, for example. Dictionaries for Kana-Kanji conversion can be managed centrally on a server.
atok12setup(1), java(1) Japanese Input System Summary & Transition ATOK12 User's Guide SunOS 5.10 10 Jan 2003 atok12(1)

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