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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for upslog (redhat section 8)

UPSLOG(8)						      Network UPS Tools (NUT)							 UPSLOG(8)

upslog - UPS status logger
upslog -h upslog ups logfile interval [format]
upslog is a daemon that will poll a UPS at periodic intervals, fetch the variables that interest you, format them, and write them to a file. The default format string includes variables that are supported by many common UPS models. See the description below to make your own.
-h Display the help message. ups Monitor this UPS. The format for this option is [upsname@]hostname[:port]. logfile Store the results in this file. You can use - for stdout, but upslog will remain in the foreground. interval Wait this many seconds between polls. Remember that a poll is not instantaneous, so it will slip back as the program runs. If you require tighter timing, you should write your own logger using the upsclient library. format The string to log, including variables from the UPS. Valid escapes within this string are: %% - insert a single % %TIME format% - insert the time with strftime formatting %ETIME% - insert the number of seconds, ala time_t. This is now a 10 digit number. %HOST% - insert the local hostname %UPSHOST% - insert the host of the UPS being monitored %PID% - insert the pid of upslog %VAR varname% - insert the value of variable varname The default format string is: %TIME @Y@m@d @H@M@S% %VAR battpct% %VAR utility% %VAR loadpct% [%VAR status%] %VAR upstemp% %VAR acfreq%
The interval value is merely the number given to sleep() after running through the format string. Therefore, a query will actually take slightly longer than the interval depending on the speed of your system.
upslog writes its pid to, and will reopen the log file if you send it a SIGHUP. This allows it to keep running when the log is rotated by an external program.
Server: upsd(8) Clients: upsc(8), upscmd(8), upsrw(8), upsmon(8) Internet resources: The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page: NUT mailing list archives and information: Wed Oct 16 2002 UPSLOG(8)