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UPSC(8) 			     Network UPS Tools (NUT)				  UPSC(8)

       upsc - example lightweight UPS client

       upsc ups [variable]

       upsc is provided as a quick way to poll the status of a UPS server.  It can be used inside
       shell scripts and other programs that need UPS data but don't want  to  include	the  full

       ups    Display  the  status  of	that  UPS.  The format for this option is [upsname@]host-

	      For example, "myups@mybox:1234" would poll a UPS called "myups" on  a  host  called
	      "mybox", with upsd(8) running on port 1234.

	      Using  an  argument  like  "anotherbox"  polls the first configured UPS on the host
	      "anotherbox", on the default port that was compiled into	the  software,	typically

	      Display  the  value  of this variable only.  By default, upsc retrieves the list of
	      variables from the server and then displays the value for each.  This may be useful
	      in shell scripts to save an additional pipe into grep.

       upsc will either print a list of all supported variables and their values on the UPS or an
       error message.  If you receive an error, make sure you have specified a valid UPS  on  the
       command	line,  that upsd(8) is really running on the other host and that no firewalls are
       blocking you.

       Earlier versions of this program used the upsfetch library and  UDP  sockets  to  talk  to
       upsd.  This version of upsc uses the new upsclient library, which only talks TCP.  This is
       why upsct no longer exists.


   Internet resources:
       The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page: http://www.exploits.org/nut/

       NUT mailing list archives and information: http://lists.exploits.org/

					 Wed Oct 16 2002				  UPSC(8)
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