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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for upscmd (redhat section 8)

UPSCMD(8)			     Network UPS Tools (NUT)				UPSCMD(8)

       upscmd - UPS administration program for instant commands

       upscmd -h

       upscmd -l ups

       upscmd [-u username] [-p password] ups command

       upscmd  allows  you  to	invoke "instant commands" in your UPS hardware.  Not all hardware
       supports this, so check the list with -l to see if anything will work on your equipment.

       On hardware that supports it, you can use this program to start and  stop  battery  tests,
       invoke a front panel test (beep!), turn the load on or off, and more.

       -h     Display the help message.

       -l ups Show  the  list  of  supported instant commands on that UPS.  Some hardware may not
	      support any of them.

       -u username
	      Set the username for the connection to the server.  This is optional, and you  will
	      be prompted for this when invoking a command if -u is not used.

       -p password
	      Set the password to authenticate to the server.  This is also optional like -u, and
	      you will be prompted for it if necessary.

       ups    Connect to that UPS.  The format for this option is [upsname@]hostname[:port].

       If you run this program inside a shell script or similar to invoke  a  command,	you  will
       need  to  specify all of the information on the command line.  This means using -u and -p.
       Otherwise it will put up a prompt and your program will hang.

       This is not necessary when displaying the list, as  the	username  and  password  are  not
       required for read-only mode.

       Some  drivers like apcsmart(8) have built-in paranoia for the dangerous commands like OFF.
       To make them actually turn off the load, you will have to send the command twice within	a
       short  window.  That is, you will have to send it once, then send it again after 3 seconds
       elapse but before 15 seconds pass.

       This paranoia is entirely defined within the driver.  upsd and upscmd have no control over
       the timing.

       upscmd  won't  work  unless you provide a valid username and password.  If you get "access
       denied" errors, make sure that your upsd.users(5) has an entry for you, and that the user-
       name you are using has permissions to SET variables.

       There is currently no way to tell the user when the driver requires confirmation to invoke
       a command such as OFF.  Similarly, there is not yet a way to tell the user  if  a  command
       succeeds or fails.

       upsd(8), upsrw(8)

   Internet resources:
       The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page: http://www.exploits.org/nut/

       NUT mailing list archives and information: http://lists.exploits.org/

					 Sun Aug 31 2002				UPSCMD(8)

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