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OVERCHAN(8)									      OVERCHAN(8)

       overchan - update the news overview database

       overchan [ - | file ]

       Overchan reads article data from files or standard input if none are specified.	(A single
       dash in the file list means to read standard input.)  It uses this information  to  update
       the  news  overview database.  Overchan was originally designed to be used by InterNetNews
       or the C News ``mkov'' packages to update the database as the articles come in.	For  cur-
       rent inn, the database is stored by overview method.  This can be done within innd(8) but,
       still overchan(8) can do this, if <useoverchan in inn.conf> is  ``true''  and  appropriate
       setup is done in newsfeeds(5).  file, for example:

	      overview!:*:Tc,WnteO:<pathbin in inn.conf>/overchan

       This  data  consists  of  a line of text, separated into four parts by a space.	The first
       part is a token for the article.  The second part is time when the article  was	received.
       The  third part is time when the article will be expired(which represents Expires header.)
       The fourth part is the data to be stored.  The  data  in  the  overview	files  should  be
       expired by running expireover(8).  This is normally done by adding the ``expireover'' flag
       to the news.daily(8) invocation.

       Written by Rob Robertson <rob@violet.berkeley.edu> and Rich $alz <rsalz@uunet.uu.net>  for
       InterNetNews.  This is revision, dated 2000/08/17.

       expireover(8), inn.conf(5), news.daily(8), newsfeeds(5).

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