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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for expireover (redhat section 8)

EXPIREOVER(8)			     System Manager's Manual			    EXPIREOVER(8)

       expireover - Expire entries from the news overview database

       expireover [ -e ] [ -f file ] [ -k ] [ -N ] [ -p ] [ -q ] [ -s ] [ -w number ] [ -z rmfile
       ] [ -Z lofile ]

       Expireover expires entries from the news overview database.  It reads a list of	newsgroup
       list  (	<pathdb in inn.conf>/active).	(A  file name of ``-'' may be used to specify the
       standard input.)  It then removes any mention of those articles from the appropriate over-
       view  database.	 If  ``groupbaseexpiry'' in inn.conf is ``true'', expireover also expires
       articles.  If it's ``false'', ``-e'', ``-k'', ``-N'', ``-p'', ``-q'',  ``-w''  and  ``-z''
       flags are ignored.

       -e     If  the ``-e'' flag is used, then as soon as the first cross posting of the article
	      expires, all overview entries relevant to the article are removed.  Note	that  you
	      cannot use both ``-e'' and ``-k'' flag at the same time.

       -f     When the ``-f'' flag is used, then expireover will use it as newsgroup list instead
	      of <pathdb in inn.conf>/active file.  A name of ``-'' is taken to mean the standard

       -k     When the ``-k'' flag is used, then articles are removed when they have been expired
	      from all the groups they appear in.  Note that  you  cannot  use	both  ``-e''  and
	      ``-k'' flag at the same time.

       -N     If  the  storing	method	has  self  expire functionality, then the control file is
	      ignored for that article by default.  If the ``-N'' flag is used, expireover purges
	      articles and overview entries with the control file.

       -p     Expireover  makes  its  decisions on the time the article arrived by default.  This
	      means articles are often kept a little longer than with other  expiration  programs
	      that  base  their  decisions  on	the article's posting date.  To use the article's
	      posting date, use the ``-p'' flag.

       -q     Expireover normally prints statistics at the end	of  process.   To  suppress  this
	      action, use the ``-q'' flag.

       -s     Expireover  normally  checks the existense of articles only if ``EXPENSIVESTAT'' of
	      its storage method is set to ``FALSE''.  To do  stat  all  articles  regardless  of
	      ``EXPENSIVESTAT'', use the ``-s'' flag.  See storage.conf(5) for ``EXPENSIVESTAT''.

       -w     Use  the	``-w''	flag  to ``warp'' time so that expireover thinks it is running at
	      some time other then the current time.  The value should be a signed floating point
	      number of the number of days to use as the offset.

       -z     If  the  ``-z''  flag  is used, then articles are not removed, but their toknes are
	      appended to the specified file.  See the description of delayrm in news.daily(8).

       -Z     If the ``-Z'' flag is used, then the lowest  article  numbers  for  each	newsgroup
	      after  expiry  are  written to the specified lofile with newsgroup name.	This flag
	      can be used when doing ``ctlinnd lomark lofile''.

       Written by Rob Robertson  <rob@violet.berkeley.edu>  and  Rich  $alz  <rsalz@uunet.uu.net>
       (with  help  from  Dave	Lawrence <tale@uunet.uu.net>) for InterNetNews.  This is revision, dated 2002/04/14.

       active(5), ctlinnd(8).  inn.conf(5), news.daily(8).


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