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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for mailstats (redhat section 8)

MAILSTATS(8)			     System Manager's Manual			     MAILSTATS(8)

       mailstats - display mail statistics

       mailstats [-c] [-o] [-p] [-P] [-C cffile] [-f stfile]

       The mailstats utility displays the current mail statistics.

       First,  the time at which statistics started being kept is displayed, in the format speci-
       fied by ctime(3).  Then, the statistics for each mailer are displayed on  a  single  line,
       each with the following white space separated fields:

	      M 	  The mailer number.
	      msgsfr	  Number of messages from the mailer.
	      bytes_from  Kbytes from the mailer.
	      msgsto	  Number of messages to the mailer.
	      bytes_to	  Kbytes to the mailer.
	      msgsrej	  Number of messages rejected.
	      msgsdis	  Number of messages discarded.
	      Mailer	  The name of the mailer.

       After  this  display, a line totaling the values for all of the mailers is displayed (pre-
       ceded with a ``T''), separated from the previous information by	a  line  containing  only
       equals  (``='')	characters.   Another  line preceded with a ``C'' lists the number of TCP

       The options are as follows:

       -C     Read the specified file instead of the default sendmail configuration file.

       -c     Try to use submit.cf instead of the default sendmail configuration file.

       -f     Read the specified statistics file instead of the statistics file specified in  the
	      sendmail configuration file.

       -P     Output information in program-readable mode without clearing statistics.

       -p     Output information in program-readable mode and clear statistics.

       -o     Don't display the name of the mailer in the output.

       The mailstats utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

       /etc/mail/sendmail.cf	The default sendmail configuration file.
       /etc/mail/statistics	The default sendmail statistics file.

       mailq(1), sendmail(8)

				   $Date: 2002/09/26 23:03:39 $ 		     MAILSTATS(8)

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