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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for loopctrl (redhat section 8)

LOOPCTRL(8)				     Linux System Administration				  LOOPCTRL(8)

loopctrl - configure isdnloop ISDN driver
loopctrl [-d Driver-Id] action options ...
loopctrl is used to setup the isdnloop ISDN driver.
-d Driver-Id selects the virtual S0 interface named by Driver-Id. Driver-Ids are defined during driver initialisa- tion. See isdnloop(4) for a description of the syntax to be used for modularised and monolithic driver versions. This option must be used to identify the virtual S0 interface if more than one S0 interface is existent. If a single virtual S0 interface is used, it may be omitted. If using more than one vir- tual card, support for the other cards is enabled with the add action of loopctrl. Ids may not start with digits or small x, because these values are misinterpreted as numeric parameters by insmod. For loading the module, always the newest modutils package should be used to avoid problems during load. The following actions may be given to loopctrl. add [id] enables support for an additional virtual card in the driver. If id is missing, adds a card with an id given by the system. with id given, adds a card with an Id given by the user. Ids are checked against conflicts, and if a conflict happens, replaced by the system in the same manner as if no Id was sup- plied. leased on|off switches between normal (dialup) and leased-line mode. Leased-line mode is intended for usage with S64K-lines or - if both channels are used - for S02. These lines do not have a D-channel. When leased- line mode is enabled, the driver simulates incoming calls using special "phone-numbers" for calling and called address which are generated as follows: Calling number: LEASEDx where x is the internal slot-number of the S0 interface. This number starts with 0 for the first S0 interface and is incremented by one for every S0 interface configured using the add action. Called number: x where x is equal to the channel number of the calling S0 interface starting with 1. start protocol phone1 [phone2 phone3] starts the driver with the given D-channel protocol. If protocol is 1tr6, only phone1 has to be given. It is meant to be the base number of the virtual S0 interface to which the EAZ is appended. If protocol is dss1, phone1, phone2 and phone3 have to be given and represent the three MSNs of the virtual S0 interface. dump is available if the program is configured using the --enable-dump option only. The contents of internal driver variables is dumped on stdout.
This program and the isdnloop driver are ALPHA code. The main intention for this driver is for testing the link level and applications.
(C) 1997 by Fritz Elfert <fritz@isdn4linux.de>
isdnctrl(8), isdnloop(4), isdninfo(4), isdnctrl(4), ttyI(4). isdn4k-utils-3.1pre4 1999/09/06 LOOPCTRL(8)

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