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KSYMS(8)			       Linux Module Support				 KSYMS(8)

       ksyms - display exported kernel symbols.

       ksyms [-ahm]

       Ksyms  shows  information about exported kernel symbols.  The format is address, name, and
       defining module.

       -a, --all
	      Display all symbols.  By default, symbols from the kernel proper are suppressed.

       -h, --noheader
	      Suppress the column header.

       -H, --help
	      Display a summary of options and exit.

       -m, --info
	      Display module information.  Includes each module's kernel load address and size in
	      the listing.

       -V, --version
	      Display the version of ksyms.

       insmod(8), modprobe(8), depmod(8), rmmod(8), lsmod(8).

       ksyms [ -V | --version ] should exit immediately.  Instead, it prints the version informa-
       tion and behaves as if no options were given.

       The ksyms command was first conceived by Bjorn Ekwall <bj0rn@blox.se>
       The '-m' option was inspired by David Hinds <dhinds@allegro.stanford.edu>
       Updated for 2.1.17 by Richard Henderson <rth@tamu.edu>

Linux					 January 31, 2002				 KSYMS(8)
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