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IPROFD(8)			   Linux System Administration				IPROFD(8)

       iprofd - Modem-register daemon

       iprofd registerfile

       iprofd  is used to make the modem-register settings of the isdn-ttys AT-emulator permanent
       and restore them during boot-time. It is usually started from within a rc-script and  puts
       itself into background. If registerfile already exists at startup, all modem-registers are
       restored from it's contents. After that, iprofd waits for getting a signal from the  isdn-
       subsystem.  Every time, a 'AT&W0' command is given at an isdn-tty the isdn-subsystem sends
       a SIGIO and iprofd reads the current settings of the modem-registers and stores them  into

       Fritz Elfert <fritz@isdn4linux.de>

       ttyI(4), isdnctrl(8), isdninfo(4).

isdn4k-utils-3.1pre4			    1999/09/06					IPROFD(8)
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