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AMDD(8) 										  AMDD(8)

       amdd - Amanda version of dd

       amdd [ -d ] [ if=input ] [ of=output ] [ bs=blocksize ] [ skip=count ] [ count=count ]

       Amdd  provides  just  enough  of the standard dd command for the needs of Amanda.  This is
       handy when doing a full restore and the standard dd program has not yet been found.

       Amdd also provides access to the Amanda output drivers that support various  tape  simula-
       tions.  This may be used for debugging or to convert from one format to another.

       See  the amanda(8) man page for more details about Amanda.  See the OUTPUT DRIVERS section
       of amanda(8) for more information on the Amanda output drivers.

       -d     Turn on debugging output.

	      Set the output length.  If the output driver limits the output size, this  controls
	      when end of tape will be simulated.

	      Length may have a multiplier suffix:

		     k 1024 (Kilobytes)

		     b 512 (Blocks)

		     M 1024*1024 (Megabytes)

	      The default is no multipler (bytes).

	      Input to dd.  Default is stdin.

	      Where to send the output of dd.  Default is stdout.

	      Size  of	each record.  Input records smaller than this will not be padded.  Output
	      records will be the same size as the corresponding input record.	 Default  is  512

	      Blocksize may have a multiplier suffix:

		     k 1024 (Kilobytes)

		     b 512 (Blocks)

		     M 1024*1024 (Megabytes)

	      The default is no multipler (bytes).

	      Number of records to copy.  Default is all records until end of file.

	      Number of records to skip before copying input to output.  Default is zero.

       Marc Mengel <mengel@fnal.gov>
       John R. Jackson <jrj@purdue.edu>


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