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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for subscriptions (redhat section 5)

subscriptions(5)			      InterNetNews Documentation			     subscriptions(5)

subscriptions - Default recommended subscriptions
The pathetc/subscriptions file contains a list of newsgroups that is returned by the NNTP command LIST SUB- SCRIPTIONS. Clients that support this command and send it the first time they connect to a new news server use the returned list to initialize the list of subscribed newsgroups. The subscriptions file therefore should con- tain groups intented for new users, for testing, or that contain FAQs and other useful information for first- time Usenet users. The syntax of the subscriptions file is trivial; it is a simple list of newsgroup names, one per line. The order of newsgroups may be significant; the news reading client may present the groups in that order to the user.
A typical subscriptions file may look like: news.announce.newusers news.newusers.questions local.test local.general local.talk misc.test misc.test.moderated news.answers news.announce.newgroups This gives the client the FAQs and question newsgroup for new users first, then a local newsgroup for testing and various commonly-read local discussion groups, followed by the world-wide test groups, all the FAQs, and announcements of new world-wide newsgroups. If there is a local new users group, one might want to list it first.
Written by Bettina Fink <laura@hydrophil.de> for InterNetNews.
nnrpd(8). 3rd Berkeley Distribution INN 2.3.2 subscriptions(5)

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