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sane-ricoh(5)									    sane-ricoh(5)

       sane-ricoh - SANE backend for Ricoh flatbed scanners

       The  sane-ricoh	library implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) backend that provides
       access to the following Ricoh flatbed scanners:


       This backend expects device names of the form:


       Where special is the path-name for the special device that corresponds to a SCSI  scanner.
       The  special device name must be a generic SCSI device or a symlink to such a device.  The
       program sane-find-scanner helps to find out the correct device. Under Linux, such a device
       name could be /dev/sga or /dev/sge, for example.  See sane-scsi(5) for details.

	      The backend configuration file (see also description of SANE_CONFIG_DIR below).

	      The static library implementing this backend.

	      The  shared  library  implementing  this	backend  (present on systems that support
	      dynamic loading).

	      This environment variable specifies the list of directories that	may  contain  the
	      configuration  file.   Under  UNIX, the directories are separated by a colon (`:'),
	      under OS/2, they are separated by a semi-colon (`;').  If this variable is not set,
	      the  configuration  file is searched in two default directories: first, the current
	      working directory (".") and then in /etc/sane.d.	If the value of  the  environment
	      variable	ends with the directory separator character, then the default directories
	      are searched after the explicitly  specified  directories.   For	example,  setting
	      SANE_CONFIG_DIR  to  "/tmp/config:"  would result in directories "tmp/config", ".",
	      and "/etc/sane.d" being searched (in this order).

	      If the library was compiled with debug support enabled, this  environment  variable
	      controls	the  debug level for this backend.  Higher debug levels increase the ver-
	      bosity of the output.

	      Example: export SANE_DEBUG_RICOH=4

       sane(7), sane-scsi(5)

       Feico W. Dillema

					   24 Jun 2000				    sane-ricoh(5)
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