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XmFontList(library call)						 XmFontList(library call)

       XmFontList -- Data type for a font list

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>

       XmFontList  is  the  data type for a font list. A font list consists of font list entries.
       Each entry contains a font or a font set (a group of fonts) and is identified with a  tag,
       which is optional. If this tag is NULL, the tag is set to XmFONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG.


       When a compound string is displayed, the font list element tag of the compound string seg-
       ment is matched with a font list entry tag in the font list and	the  matching  font  list
       entry is used to display the compound string. A font list entry is chosen as follows:

	  o  The  first  font list entry whose tag matches the tag of the compound string segment
	     is used.

	  o  If no match has been found and  if  the  tag  of  the  compound  string  segment  is
	     XmFONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG,  the  first  font	list entry whose tag matches the tag that
	     would result from creating an entry  with	XmSTRING_DEFAULT_CHARSET  is  used.   For
	     example,  if creating an entry with XmSTRING_DEFAULT_CHARSET would result in the tag
	     ISO8859-1, the compound string segment tag XmFONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG matches	the  font
	     list entry tag ISO8859-1.

	  o  If no match has been found and if the tag of the compound string segment matches the
	     tag that would result from creating a  segment  with  XmSTRING_DEFAULT_CHARSET,  the
	     first font list entry whose tag is XmFONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG is used.

	  o  If no match has been found, the first entry in the font list is used.

       The font list interface consists of the routines listed in Related Information.

       Font lists are specified in resource files with the following syntax:

       resource_spec:  font_entry [, font_entry ]+

       The  resource  value string consists of one or more font list entries separated by commas.
       Each font_entry identifies a font or font set and an optional font list entry tag.  A  tag
       specified  for  a  single  font follows the font name and is separated by = (equals sign);
       otherwise, in a font set the tag is separated by a colon. The colon is required whether	a
       tag is specified or not. A font entry uses the following syntax to specify a single font:

       font_name [ '=' tag ]

       For  example,  the  following  entry specifies a 10 point Times Italic font without a font
       list entry tag;

       *fontList:  -Adobe-Times-Medium-I-Normal--10*

       A font entry containing a font set is similar, except a semicolon separates multiple  font
       names and the specification ends with a colon followed by an optional tag:

       font_name [ ';' font_name ]+ ':' [ tag ]

       A  font_name  is an X Logical Font Description (XLFD) string and tag is any set of charac-
       ters from ISO646IRV except space, comma, colon, equal sign and semicolon. Following is  an
       example	of  a  font  set  entry. It consists of three fonts (except for charsets), and an
       explicit font list entry tag.

       *fontList: -Adobe-Courier-Bold-R-Normal--25-180-100-100-M-150;-JIS-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--26-180-100-100-C-240;-JIS-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--26-180-100-100-C-120:MY_TAG

       Note that the XmRenderTable is another data type that can be used for font lists. Refer to
       the XmRenderTable(3) for details.

       XmFontListAdd(3),    XmFontListAppendEntry(3),	XmFontListCopy(3),   XmFontListCreate(3),
       XmFontListEntryCreate(3), XmFontListEntryFree(3), XmFontListEntryGetFont(3), XmFontListEn-
       tryGetTag(3),   XmFontListEntryLoad(3),	XmFontListFree(3),  XmFontListFreeFontContext(3),
       XmFontListGetNextFont(3),      XmFontListInitFontContext(3),	  XmFontListNextEntry(3),
       XmFontListRemoveEntry(3), XmRenderTable(3), and XmString(3).

									 XmFontList(library call)
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