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nbp_name(3) [redhat man page]

NBP_NAME(3)						     Library Functions Manual						       NBP_NAME(3)

nbp_name - NBP name parsing SYNOPSIS
nbp_name( name, obj, type, zone ) char *name, **obj, **type, **zone; DESCRIPTION
nbp_name() parses user supplied names into their component object, type, and zone. obj, type, and zone should be passed by reference, and should point to the caller's default values. nbp_name() will change the pointers to the parsed-out values. name is of the form object:type@zone, where each of object, :type, and @zone replace obj, type, and zone, respectively. type must be proceeded by `:', and zone must be preceded by `@'. EXAMPLE
The argument of afpd(8)'s -n option is parsed with nbp_name(). The default value of obj is the first component of the machine's hostname (as returned by gethostbyname(3)). The default value of type is ``AFPServer'', and of zone is ``*'', the default zone. To cause afpd to register itself in some zone other than the default, one would invoke it as afpd -n @some-other-zone obj and type would retain their default values. BUGS
obj, type, and zone return pointers into static area which may be over-written on each call. netatalk 1.3 12 Jan 1994 NBP_NAME(3)

Check Out this Related Man Page

NBP(1)							      General Commands Manual							    NBP(1)

nbplkup, nbprgstr, nbpunrgstr - access NBP database SYNOPSIS
nbplkup [ -r nresp ] [ nbpname ] nbprgstr [ -p port ] nbpname nbpunrgstr nbpname DESCRIPTION
nbprgstr registers nbpname with atalkd(8), at the given port. nbpunrgstr informs atalkd that nbpname is no longer to be advertised. nbplkup displays up to nresp (default 1000) entities registered on the AppleTalk internet. nbpname is parsed by nbp_name(3). An `=' for the object or type matches anything, and an `*' for zone means the local zone. The default values are taken from the NBPLKUP environment variable, parsed as an nbpname. EXAMPLE
Find all devices of type LaserWriter in the local zone. example% nbplkup :LaserWriter Petoskey:LaserWriter 7942.129:218 Gloucester:LaserWriter 8200.188:186 Rahway:LaserWriter 7942.2:138 517 Center:LaserWriter 7942.2:132 ionia:LaserWriter 7942.2:136 Evil DEC from Hell:LaserWriter 7942.2:130 Hamtramck:LaserWriter 7942.2:134 Iron Mountain :LaserWriter 7942.128:250 example% SEE ALSO
nbp_name(3), atalkd(8). netatalk 1.2 17 Dec 1991 NBP(1)

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