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MEMMEM(3)			    Linux Programmer's Manual				MEMMEM(3)

       memmem - locate a substring

       #define _GNU_SOURCE
       #include <string.h>

       void *memmem(const void *haystack, size_t haystacklen,
		    const void *needle, size_t needlelen);

       The  memmem()  function finds the start of the first occurrence of the substring needle of
       length needlelen in the memory area haystack of length haystacklen.

       The memmem() function returns a pointer to the beginning of the substring, or NULL if  the
       substring is not found.

       This function is a GNU extension.

       This  function  was  broken  in	Linux libraries up to and including libc 5.0.9; there the
       `needle' and `haystack' arguments were interchanged, and a pointer to the end of the first
       occurrence  of needle was returned.  Since libc 5.0.9 is still widely used, this is a dan-
       gerous function to use.
       Both old and new libc's have the bug that  if  needle  is  empty  haystack-1  (instead  of
       haystack)  is  returned.   And glibc 2.0 makes it worse, and returns a pointer to the last
       byte of `haystack'. This is fixed in glibc 2.1.


GNU					    1998-01-13					MEMMEM(3)
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