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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for timeout (redhat section 1)

timeout(1)						       The Netatalk Project							timeout(1)

timeout - Send a signal to a program after a certain time
timeout [-s signal] seconds program [args]
timeout executes a program (with arguments args) and sends a signal to it after a certain amount of seconds.
-s signal Signal to send to the spawned process. This can be a numerical or symbolic ID. This defaults to TERM.
timeout 10 pap Execute "pap" and send a SIGTERM if pap doesn't return after 10 seconds. timeout -s HUP 60 sh Spawn a shell and send a hangup signal after one minute. timeout -s 9 10 evilprog Execute a program and KILL it if it doesn't quit after 10 seconds. netatalk 1.5pre7 19 Jul 2001 timeout(1)