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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for thumbnail (redhat section 1)

THUMBNAIL(1)			     General Commands Manual			     THUMBNAIL(1)

       thumbnail - create a TIFF file with thumbnail images

       thumbnail [ options ] input.tif output.tif

       thumbnail  is  a  program written to show how one might use the SubIFD tag (#330) to store
       thumbnail images.  thumbnail copies a TIFF Class F facsimile file to the output	file  and
       for  each  image an 8-bit greyscale thumbnail sketch.  The output file contains the thumb-
       nail image with the associated full-resolution page linked below with the SubIFD tag.

       By default, thumbnail images are 216 pixels wide by 274 pixels high.   Pixels  are  calcu-
       lated  by  sampling  and  filtering the input image with each pixel value passed through a
       contrast curve.

       -w     Specify the width of thumbnail images in pixels.

       -h     Specify the height of thumbnail images in pixels.

       -c     Specify a contrast curve to apply in generating the thumbnail images.   By  default
	      pixels values are passed through a linear contrast curve that simply maps the pixel
	      value ranges.  Alternative curves are: exp50 for a 50% exponential curve, exp60 for
	      a  60%  exponential curve, exp70 for a 70% exponential curve, exp80 for a 80% expo-
	      nential curve, exp90 for a 90% exponential curve, exp for a pure exponential curve,
	      linear for a linear curve.

       There are no options to control the format of the saved thumbnail images.

       tiffdump(1), tiffgt(1), tiffinfo(1), libtiff(3)

					September 26, 1994			     THUMBNAIL(1)

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