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TIFFDUMP(1)						      General Commands Manual						       TIFFDUMP(1)

tiffdump - print verbatim information about TIFF files
tiffdump [ options ] name ...
tiffdump displays directory information from files created according to the Tag Image File Format, Revision 6.0. The header of each TIFF file (magic number, version, and first directory offset) is displayed, followed by the tag contents of each directory in the file. For each tag, the name, datatype, count, and value(s) is displayed. When the symbolic name for a tag or datatype is known, the symbolic name is displayed followed by it's numeric (decimal) value. Tag values are displayed enclosed in ``<>'' characters immediately preceded by the value of the count field. For example, an ImageWidth tag might be displayed as ``ImageWidth (256) SHORT (3) 1<800>''. tiffdump is particularly useful for investigating the contents of TIFF files that libtiff does not understand.
-h Force numeric data to be printed in hexadecimal rather than the default decimal. -o Dump the contents of the IFD at the a particular file offset. The file offset may be specified using the usual C-style syntax; i.e. a leading ``0x'' for hexadecimal and a leading ``0'' for octal.
tiffinfo(1), libtiff(3) October 15, 1995 TIFFDUMP(1)