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ppmtopict(1)									     ppmtopict(1)

       ppmtopict - convert a portable pixmap into a Macintosh PICT file

       ppmtopict [ppmfile]

       Reads a portable pixmap as input.  Produces a Macintosh PICT file as output.

       The  generated  file  is only the data fork of a picture.  You will need a program such as
       mcvert to generate a Macbinary or a BinHex file that contains the necessary information to
       identify the file as a PICT file to MacOS.

       Even though PICT supports 2 and 4 bits per pixel, ppmtopict always generates an 8 bits per
       pixel file.

       The picture size field is only correct if the output is to a file since writing into  this
       field  requires seeking backwards on a file.  However the PICT documentation seems to sug-
       gest that this field is not critical anyway since it is only the lower 16 bits of the pic-
       ture size.

       picttoppm(1), ppm(5), mcvert(1)

       Copyright (C) 1990 by Ken Yap <ken@cs.rocester.edu>.

					  15 April 1990 			     ppmtopict(1)
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