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ppmmake(1)									       ppmmake(1)

       ppmmake - create a pixmap of a specified size and color

       ppmmake color width height

       Produces a portable pixmap of the specified color, width, and height.

       The color can be specified in five ways:

       o      A name, assuming that a pointer to an X11-style color names file was compiled in.

       o      An  X11-style  hexadecimal  specifier:  rgb:r/g/b,  where  r g and b are each 1- to
	      4-digit hexadecimal numbers.

       o      An X11-style decimal specifier: rgbi:r/g/b, where r g and b are floating point num-
	      bers between 0 and 1.

       o      For  backwards  compatibility,  an old-X11-style hexadecimal number: #rgb, #rrggbb,
	      #rrrgggbbb, or #rrrrggggbbbb.

       o      For backwards compatibility, a triplet of numbers separated by commas: r,g,b, where
	      r g and b are floating point numbers between 0 and 1.  (This style was added before
	      MIT came up with the similar rgbi style.)

       ppm(5), pbmmake(1)

       Copyright (C) 1991 by Jef Poskanzer.

					24 September 1991			       ppmmake(1)
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