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pnmsplit(1)									      pnmsplit(1)

       pnmsplit - split a multi-image PNM file into multiple single-image files

       pnmsplit [pnmfile[ output_file_pattern]]

       Reads a Netpbm file as input.  Copies each image in the input into a separate file, in the
       same format.

       pnmfile is the file specification of the input file, or - to indicate Standard Input.  The
       default is Standard Input.

       output_file_pattern  tells  how to name the output files.  It is the file specification of
       the output file, except that the first occurence of "%d" in it is replaced  by  the  image
       sequence  number  in unpadded ASCII decimal, with the sequence starting at 0.  If there is
       no "%d" in the pattern, pnmsplit fails.

       The default output file pattern is "image%d".

       Note that to do the reverse operation (combining multiple single-image PNM  files  into	a
       multi-image one), there is no special Netpbm program.  Just use cat.

       pnm(5), cat(1)

					   19 June 2000 			      pnmsplit(1)
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