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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for pi-getrom (redhat section 1)

pi-getrom(1)						      General Commands Manual						      pi-getrom(1)

pi-getrom - Retrieves the ROM image from your Palm device
pi-getrom -p <port> [--copilot] [pilot.rom]
pi-getrom is used to fetch the ROM from your Palm handheld device for use in debugging Palm applications through the use of POSE, the Palm OS Emulator application OPTIONS -p --port <port>, Use device file port to communicate with the Palm handheld device. If this is not specified, will look for the $PILOTPORT environ- ment variable. If both are not found, will fall back to /dev/pilot. -h --help Display help synopsis for pi-getrom -v --version Display version of pi-getrom --copilot format the ROM for use in the CoPilot application, instead of the POSE format filename Write the ROM to this file
Connect to a target Palm handheld device and fetch the ROM for use in debugging Palm applications through the use of POSE, the Palm OS Emu- lator or with CoPilot
Warning: Please completely back up your Palm before using this program! Use of this program may place you in violation of your license agreement with Palm, Inc. or OEM partners. Please read your Palm handbook ("Software License Agreement") before running this program.
pi-getrom has no known bugs
Report bugs at
pi-getrom was written by Kenneth Albanowski Free Software Foundation Palm Computing Device Tools pi-getrom(1)

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