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pbmtoepsi(1)									     pbmtoepsi(1)

       pbmtoepsi - convert a portable bitmap into an encapsulated PostScript style preview bitmap

       pbmtoepsi [-bbonly] [pbmfile]

       Reads a portable bitmap as input.  Produce an encapsulated Postscript style bitmap as out-
       put. The output is not a stand alone postscript file, it is only a preview  bitmap,  which
       can  be included in an encapsulated PostScript file.  Note that there is no epsitopbm tool
       - this transformation is one way.

       This utility is a part of the pstoepsi tool by Doug Crabill (dgc@cs.purdue.edu).

	      Only create a boundary box, don't fill it with the image.

       pbm(5), pnmtops(1), pstopnm(1), psidtopgm(1), pbmtolps(1), ps(1)

       Copyright (C) 1988 Jef Poskanzer, modified by Doug Crabill 1992

					       1992				     pbmtoepsi(1)
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