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MCVIEW(1)						      GNU Midnight Commander							 MCVIEW(1)

mcview - Internal file viewer of GNU Midnight Commander. USAGE
mcview [-bcCdfhstVx?] file DESCRIPTION
mcview is a link to mc, the main GNU Midnight Commander executable. Executing GNU Midnight Commander under this name requests staring the internal viewer and opening the file specified on the command line. OPTIONS
-b Force black and white display. -c Force color mode on terminals where mcview defaults to black and white. -C <keyword>=<FGcolor>,<BGcolor>:<keyword>= ... Specify a different color set. See the Colors section in mc(1) for more information. -d Disable mouse support. -f Display the compiled-in search paths for Midnight Commander files. -t Used only if the code was compiled with S-Lang and terminfo: it makes the Midnight Commander use the value of the TERMCAP variable for the terminal information instead of the information on the system wide terminal database -V Displays the version of the program. -x Forces xterm mode. Used when running on xterm-capable terminals (two screen modes, and able to send mouse escape sequences). COLORS
The default colors may be changed by appending to the MC_COLOR_TABLE environment variable. Foreground and background colors pairs may be specified for example with: MC_COLOR_TABLE="$MC_COLOR_TABLE:\ normal=lightgray,black:\ selected=black,green" FILES
/usr/share/mc/mc.hlp The help file for the program. /usr/share/mc/mc.ini The default system-wide setup for GNU Midnight Commander, used only if the user's own ~/.mc/ini file is missing. /usr/share/mc/mc.lib Global settings for the Midnight Commander. Settings in this file affect all users, whether they have ~/.mc/ini or not. $HOME/.mc/ini User's own setup. If this file is present, the setup is loaded from here instead of the system-wide startup file. LICENSE
This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. See the built- in help of the Midnight Commander for details on the License and the lack of warranty. AVAILABILITY
The latest version of this program can be found at SEE ALSO
mc(1), mcedit(1) BUGS
Bugs should be reported to MC Version 4.6.0 January 2003 MCVIEW(1)

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