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gfloppy(1)									       gfloppy(1)

       gfloppy - a simple floppy formatter for the GNOME


       or select Floppy Formatter from the System submenu of the Applications menu.

       or right click on the floppy icon on your desktop and select Floppy Formatter

       gfloppy	is  a simple floppy formatter for Linux.  It supports the DOS format and the ext2
       file system.  In order to create  DOS  floppies	you  need  to  have  the  mtools  package

       For full documentation see the Floppy Formatter online help.

       In addition to the standard GNOME options gfloppy supports the following one.

	      The device to format (instead of /dev/fd0).

       Floppy Formatter was written by Jonathan Blandford (<jrb@redhat.com>).

       This manual page was written by Jochen Voss <voss@mathematik.uni-kl.de>.

       mformat(1), fdformat(8), superformat(8), and the fdutils info manual

gnome-utils 2.0.0			    Aug 8 2002				       gfloppy(1)
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