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dlpsh(1)						      General Commands Manual							  dlpsh(1)

dlpsh - command shell for executing DLP commands on a Palm handheld device
dlpsh -p <port>
dlpsh allows the user to connect to a Palm handheld device and execute arbitrary Data Link Protocol (DLP) commands. Once connected, the user may execute any of the built-in DLP commands. (See BUILT-IN COMMANDS). The connection to the Pilot is kept alive by sending a PadTickle packet to the Pilot after a small period of non-activity. (7 seconds by default) BUILT-IN COMMANDS There are many options available to dlpsh, including the following. user Print the currently set User information ls Used with -l and -r to provide long and ROM file lists df display how much RAM and ROM is free on your device time, dtp Desktop-to-Palm, set the time on the Palm from the desktop rm Remove a file, delete it entirely from the Palm device quit, exit Exit the DLP Protocol Shell OPTIONS While in dlpsh, you can always invoke 'help' or 'option --help' to get further information on that option.
The program will connect to a target, and give the user a prompt for executing commands.
dlpsh has no known bugs.
Report bugs at
dlpsh was written by Chris Stevens <> and Damien Neil <> Free Software Foundation Palm Computing Device Tools dlpsh(1)